Monday, November 2, 2009

Illustration Homework

6:00 AM, and I've just finished my Illustration project that's due today. HAHAH, I've outsmarted you again, time!

Except for that class I have before illustration, where I need to finish a little analysis paper.


Swiftly putting that in the back of my mind, I give you two 'Little Red Riding Hood' Re-write illustrations. We were pretty much given a choice of two fairytales and told to re-write it in another 'style' or whatever. I feel like I could have done something way more radical (compared to the ideas my classmates came up with) but overall I decided to do something with a semi-dark neo-victorian feel -- which, unfortunately didn't come out at ALL in anything I drew.

Red was really Lizzie Borden, and she hacks up the wolf with an axe and makes a fur coat. Original.

So my initial idea was this:

A kinda simple 'first meeting' thing going on. Playing around with Sai Painter, but nothing exciting.

And then I had a week's worth of trouble developing how the final idea was going to physically make sense (angle, including everything in the picture, etc.) but I managed, after an all-nighter to pull something together. It doesn't look fantastic, but I'm proud of how I learned to deal with Photoshop. I learned a bunch last night.

I feel like it has a really successfully warm atmosphere. Except for that blood-smeared axe over in the corner there.

And now I'm crashing and I want to go to bed, but I have class in 2 hours and I know I won't wake up if I nap. This... could be a problem.

Aww man... my cheekbones hurt. I hate that.

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