Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hurr, Dethdoodles

I. Am such a sucker for Metalocalypse. Brendon Small is my hero.
I don't even enjoy death metal, but after watching all of the show, I have a fuckton of respect for the musicians. I mean - number 1, they, for the most part have a fantastic sense of humor. It seems like they would be the most down-to -earth compared to pop singers who edit their music to the point that a computer is singing or, I dunno, hipsters more into their image then music.

Number 2, they're in it for the music more than anything else. You've got to be pretty fucking dedicated to take part in death metal.

I dunno where I'm going with this. Anyway, I doodled a lot.
Guess I'm on a Deth-kick right now.

The strip is from "Dethlessons", possibly my favorite episode. Nathan just sounds so truly shocked and his voice gets all high-pitched... I laugh really hard every time.

Also, the DVD extras are pure gold. 20 minutes of Nathan reading Shakespeare... Oh God. I can't stop watching it.

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