Friday, April 15, 2011

Bathhouse Girl

HOLY GOOD GOD what a splitting headache. Gotta work on my posture.

So yeah, some sketches of this character lady I have an idea for.
I WILL colour these. At least one of them. I promise.

uhhhhhhhhh there are some things I'm wicked excited about but I can't talk about them yet so I'll wait

Unrelated: PORTAL 2 PRE-ORDERED. My grades will soon suffer.

Unrelated unrelated: so I have this 24 page comic I have to do for my comics class final. I have NO ideas.
Suggestions for plots? I'm terrible with storylines.


  1. Do it based on a freak monster that cant control turning into a mouse when scared or nervous and she makes friends and makes a journey to defeat and find out how she came to be from an evil wizard and the girl has a pet monkey with a robotic arm

  2. No problem if you can please send me a copy Address:
    21 woodlot rd