Friday, February 18, 2011

Fanart and a sketch and doodles

Right now, this blog and tumblr are of equal posting value-- in that I don't use either of them too frequently.
I think I should give up tumblr altogether. It just seems like the last name in intellectual property, you know?

SO! I just 'finished' Nier with my friend, and it was one of the m
ost unfufilling experiences ever.
You know, in games one generally feels like they're working tow
ards a goal. Uh... maybe that should be taken in to consideration, Cavia.

And now we're playing Secret of Monkey Island. Very charming and funny game. If it were a guy, I would date it.

Guybrush is a fantastic character.

Also, I'm coloring my sketches, finally! Yaaaay!

Also also I was totally decadent and went out and bought a massive 22" screen for my computer. It's absolutely gorgeous. And I am filled with guilt. But this is something that was done on a screen, so I feel less bad.


  1. your art is so adorable! I just wanna keep your characters in a jar and look at them XD <33