Monday, February 15, 2010

Bioshock 2 and Other Things

I was playing Bioshock 2 and actively thinking "wow, this is really getting fun" and suddenly while taking down a Big Sister, the game froze. I hadn't saved in a while, so I lost a lot of time and effort and now I'm venting.

About Bioshock 2. As mind-blowingly pretty as it is, it has none of the deliciously scary moments it's predecessor had (so far, anyway) so I'm a little put-out. But I just found out how to use a mini-turret, so the Little Sister escort missions are getting more fun and less frustrating.

There's something less charming about the characters, but I'm sure I'll grow to accept them.

Also, Bioshock 2's online multiplayer mode is FUN AS ALL HELL. It's pretty much a dumbed-down version of Team Fortress 2, except I'M WINNING ALL THE TIME. HAW HAW.

Blah blah February vacation blah.

OH SHIT new computer coming in March :B I AM EXCITE because TF2 and S4 League.


Some character sketches. From different sketch books. They'll be coloured soonish.

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